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How quickly will I get my loan?

Depending on whether the appropriate paperwork is completed quickly and correctly, if you meet the relevant criteria we can also arrange same-day business loans. However, on average expect to receive loan funds within a few days.

How competitive are your loans?

For every client we strive to offer the most competitive loan that we can source from our range of lenders. We have over 20 years team experience in servicing the financial needs of UK businesses. Depending on factors, including the amount you want to borrow, repayment period and business turnover the final rate of interest will vary.

Do you require security for your loans?

This is dependent on the loan product. Some loans are secured (so you will need an asset as collateral), whereas others are unsecured, making them ideal for start-up businesses, smaller enterprises or those with no or few capital assets.

When do I have to pay the loan back?

The repayment terms for different loan products vary.

Do you charge fees?

This is dependent on the type of loan you require and how quickly you require it.

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